Professional Scrum™ with User Experience


Start End Duration Location Details
January 03, 2022 January 04, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
March 28, 2022 March 29, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
May 30, 2022 May 31, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
August 30, 2022 August 31, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
October 03, 2022 October 04, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
December 26, 2022 December 27, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)

Course Details

Professional Scrum™ with User Experience
Course code: PSUE

Duration: 2 Days

Course Description:

Professional ScrumTM with User Experience (PSU) is a 2-day hands-on course where students who already have a fundamental understanding of Scrum and some experience using it will learn how to integrate modern UX practices, (UX is more than UI) into the way they are working in Scrum and how to work most effectively within Scrum Teams. Design work can sometimes feel slow, and not well suited to quick agile cadences and Scrum events, but that isn't the case. Learn UX techniques that fit beautifully into Scrum, and practice these techniques with cross-functional teams in class. The course also includes a free attempt at the globally recognized Professional Scrum with User Experience I certification assessment (PSU I). 

Course Objectives:

Students will leave the class understanding:
•    How a cross-functional Scrum Team can include UX specialists
•    How to account for, manage, prioritize and include UX work in the Backlog
•    How to balance discovery and delivery within a Scrum Team
•    How Scrum Teams create customer feedback loops within a Sprint
•    How to ensure customer insight is included in Scrum events and decision-making
•    What the Definition of "Done" is in a world of continuous learning
•    How UX can inform better development decisions
•     of work

Intended Audience:
•    Scrum Masters and Product Owners who will learn how to integrate the UX specialty with what they already know about the power of self-organizing cross-functional teams. This will enable them to help Development Teams to learn about the customer, plan learning/discovery/design work, and still deliver "Done" product each Sprint.
•    People who know UX will learn how to work more effectively inside Scrum, managing work in Sprints and visualizing it in the Product Backlog. Learn how to lead cross-functional teams in discovery work and align the work of the team around learning and delivering value to users. 
•    Anyone involved in the delivering the product (engineers, product managers, etc) as technology teams work better when they’re collaborating across disciplines and specialties. But different priorities, types of work, and the specific working rhythms of each discipline can create silos on teams and inside organizations. Learn how to use the Scrum framework and UX techniques to align your team, focus on value, and foster collaboration.

Course Outlines:
•    Understand how Scrum with UX enhance continuous learning
•    Framing work as problems to solve
•    Outcomes over outputs
•    Managing UX work in Scrum
•    Focus on users
•    Experimentation