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ONTAP Compliance Solution Administration


Start End Duration Location Details
January 31, 2022 January 31, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
April 04, 2022 April 04, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
July 04, 2022 July 04, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
October 31, 2022 October 31, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)

Course Details

ONTAP Compliance Solution Administration

Course code: OCSA

Duration: 1 Day


•    ONTAP Cluster Administration (ONTAP 9.6) (ONTAP9ADM) And ONTAP Data Protection Administration (ONTAP 9.6) (DATAPROT9) Or,
•    ONTAP Cluster Administration and Data Protection Bundle (ONTAP 9.6) (CDOTDP9)

Course Description:

The ONTAP Security and Compliance course describes the architecture and functionality of the integrated data protection security and compliance features and benefits in ONTAP 9 data-management software, including SnapLock software, key management features, and encryption technologies. The course also explains the administration, configuration, and management of the integrated data protection compliance features.

Course Objectives: 

•    Describe the data protection features that are integrated into ONTAP 9 data-management software
•    Describe how to use SnapLock compliance software for data retention
•    Explain how to manage encryption keys
•    Explain how NetApp Storage Encryption (NSE) provides full-disk encryption (FDE) by using self-encrypting drives.
•    Explain how NetApp Volume Encryption (NVE) provides a software-based method to encrypt and protect data on any disk type.

Intended Audience:

ONTAP Security and Compliance Solutions Administration is intended for data protection administrators of any experience level

Course Outlines:

Module 1: Security and Compliance Solutions

•    ONTAP 9 Security features
•    Data protection compliance challenges
•    Regulatory and business requirements
•    Integrated compliance features

Module 2: Securing and Hardening ONTAP Software

•    3 planes of security
o    Management
o    Control
o    Data
•    Proactive security features

Module 3: ONTAP Data Retention

•    SnapLock
o    Compliance software
o    Architecture
o    Managing volumes
o    File types
o    Protecting volumes
o    Advanced features

Module 4: ONTAP Key Management

•    Overview
•    Encrypted key management

Module 5: ONTAP Data Encryption

•    Encryption
o    NetApp Storage Encryption (NSE)
o    NetApp Volume Encryption (NVE)
•    Volume encryption demonstration