Business Presentation Skills Workshop


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Course Details

Business Presentation Skills Workshop

Course Code: TNET-BPSW

Duration: 1 Day

Course Description:

By the end of this program, participants will be able to conceptualize and confidently deliver lively, highimpact, business presentations for a variety of situations. Additionally participants will learn to create effective slides and engage both technical and non-technical audience with the story behind each slide. This participant-centered program develops the confidence and the skills of the participants to enable them to conduct sessions and do business presentations in an efficient, effective, lively, and memorable way

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Introduction 

  • Expectations 
  • Objectives 
  • Norms

Lesson 2: Initial videotaped presentation 

  • Self-assessment 
  • Individual Feedback

Lesson 3: Presenting and Communicating 

  • Types of Presentations 
  • General Objectives of Presentations 
  • Verbal and Nonverbal Communication 
  • Posture and Grooming

Lesson 4: Preparing Slides 

  • Characteristics of a good slide: Clarity, Flow, Aesthetics 
  • Using Transitions, Animations & Sounds 
  • Creating Customized Templates
  • Developing Talking Points per Slide 
  • Selecting Fonts & Colors 
  • Proper use of Graphics 
  • Presenting Data & Diagrams

Lesson 5: Presentation Basics Review 

  • Objective 
  • Methodology 
  • Flow (Tellum Technique) 
  • Opening and positive attention step 
  • Body of the Presentation 
  • Ending/call to action 
  • Audience Interest Indicators 
  • Using Humor 
  • Energizers and Ice Breakers

Lesson 6: Maintaining Pace, Focus, and Energy 

  • Handling disruptive members of the audience 
  • Getting participants involved 
  • Picking up the pace

Lesson 7: Handling Questions 

  • Types of Questions 
  • How to Answer Questions 
  • How to handle questions when you don’t know the answer

Lesson 8: Handling Disruptions and Distractions

Lesson 9: 2nd Videotaped session 

  • Group Critique