Solution Selling Workshop


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Solution Selling Workshop

Course Code: TNET-SSW

Duration: 1 Day

Course Description:

Our Solution Selling Workshop gives Avaya Business and Channel Partners an outstanding opportunity to develop their Value-Solution Selling skills. In this 3-day collaborative workshop, attendees will learn how to create value with their customers to not only win a proposal, but also to become a trusted advisor and win the account. Material is highly interactive and includes Case Studies, Role Playing, Modeling and Discussion Groups to enhance the learning experience. The workshop culminates in creating and presenting a customer proposal along with a customized “Value Equation.”

Benefits & Outcomes:

  • Apply strategies and techniques to add value to offerings in order to increase business. 
  • Enhance the value of the Business-Chain for effective positioning and gaining the client’s commitment. 
  • Perform as a Value-Solution Salesperson.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Discovering Value


  •  Assessing ability to recognize the Value in the Business-Chain. 
  • Applying techniques for a more successful approach to the Customer


  • The meaning of Value. 
  • Winning the account, not just the proposal. 
  • The Value-Chain 
  • Prospecting 
  • Funnel Management 
  • Client Awareness 
  • Shortening the Sales Cycle 
  • Making First Contact

Module 2: Applying Value


  • Contrasting Value. 
  • Applying strategies and techniques to develop a ValueProposition.


Assessing Value

Questioning Techniques 

Data Gathering  

Mapping Value 

  • Knowing the Market 
  • Knowing the Customer 

Creating Value Statements 

  • SMART Objectives o Formulating a Proposal

Module 3: Client/Customer Value


  • Identifying factors that influence the client’s decisions. 
  • Creating a strategy for positioning effectively. 
  • Creating an action plan to gain the customer’s commitment


  • Presenting the Proposal 
  • Effective Positioning 
  • Managing Objections 
  • Building Strong Relationships 
  • Building Credibility 
  • Value Equation