Data Protection and Management


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Data Protection and Management

Course Code: DPM

Duration: 30 Days


•    To understand the content and successfully complete this course, a participant must have a basic understanding of computer architecture, operating systems, networking, and databases 
•    Participants with experience in specific segments of data protection infrastructure would also be able to assimilate the course material 

Course Description:

Data Protection and Management (DPM) is a unique course that provides a comprehensive understanding of various data protection and availability solutions for traditional and modern data centers. It enables participants to make informed decisions on data protection architecture and technologies in an increasingly complex IT environment, which is fast changing with the adoption of software-defined data center (SDDC) and third platform technologies (Cloud, Big Data, Social, and Mobile Technologies). This course provides a strong understanding of fault-tolerant IT infrastructure, data backup, data deduplication, data replication, data archiving, and data migration and prepares participants for advanced data protection concepts, technologies, and processes. Participants will learn cloud-based data protection techniques, SDDC-specific data protection, and solutions for protecting Big data and mobile device data. Moreover, it covers the highly-critical areas of data security and data protection management. This course takes an open-approach to describe all the concepts and technologies, which are further illustrated and reinforced with EMC-related product examples. 

Course Objectives:

•    Explain data protection architecture and its building blocks  
•    Evaluate fault-tolerance techniques in a data center  
•    Describe data backup methods and data deduplication  
•    Describe data replication, data archiving and data migration methods  
•    Describe the data protection process in a software-defined data center  
•    Articulate cloud-based data protection techniques  
•    Describe various solutions for protecting big data and mobile device data  
•    Describe security controls and management processes in a data protection environment

Intended Audience:

•    Experienced IT professionals, who may not have had exposure to all of the segments of modern data protection infrastructure 
•    Experienced IT professionals managing data protection infrastructure 
•    Students and professionals who are looking to pursue a career in the data protection domain 
•    Organization-wide IT teams directly or indirectly responsible for planning, designing, deploying, managing, or leveraging data protection infrastructure 
•    Individuals who are seeking EMC Proven Professional Data Protection and Management Associate (EMCDPM) certification
Course Outlines:

Module 1: Introduction to Data Protection 

•    Lesson 1: Data Protection Primer  
•    Lesson 2: Data Center  
•    Lesson 3: Data Protection and Availability Solutions 

Module 2: Data Protection Architecture

•    Lesson 1: Data Source – Application and Hypervisor  
•    Lesson 2: Data Source – Primary Storage  
•    Lesson 3: Protection Application and Storage 
•    Lesson 4: Data Security and Management

Module 3: Fault-Tolerance Techniques

•    Lesson 1: Fault-Tolerance Overview  
•    Lesson 2: Fault Tolerance Techniques – Compute and Network
•    Lesson 3: Fault Tolerance Techniques – Storage 
•    Lesson 4: Fault Tolerance Techniques – Application and Availability Zone

Module 4: Data Backup 

•    Lesson 1: Introduction to Backup  
•    Lesson 2: Backup Topologies  
•    Lesson 3: Backup Methods

Module 5: Data Deduplication 

•    Lesson 1: Data Deduplication Overview  
•    Lesson 2: Deduplication Granularity and Methods      Module 6: Replication 

•    Lesson 1: Data Replication Overview  
•    Lesson 2: Compute-based Replication  
•    Lesson 3: Storage System-based Replication  
•    Lesson 4: Network-based Replication 

Module 7: Data Archiving 

•    Lesson 1: Data Archiving Overview  
•    Lesson 2: Archiving Operation and Storage 

Module 8: Data Migration 

Module 9: Data Protection in Software-Defined Data Center 

•    Lesson 1: Software-Defined Data Center Overview  
•    Lesson 2: Software-Defined Compute, Storage, and Networking  
•    Lesson 3: Data Protection Process in SDDC 

Module 10: Cloud-based Data Protection

•    Lesson 1: Cloud Computing Overview 
•    Lesson 2: Protecting Data in Cloud – I 
•    Lesson 3: Protecting Data in Cloud – II 

Module 11: Protecting Big Data and Mobile Device Data 

•    Lesson 1: Big Data Overview 
•    Lesson 2: Protecting Big Data 
•    Lesson 3: Protecting Mobile Device 

Module 12: Securing Data Protection Environment 

•    Lesson 1: Overview of Data Security  
•    Lesson 2: Security Threats in Data Protection Environment  
•    Lesson 3: Security Controls in Data Protection Environment – I  
•    Lesson 4: Security Controls in Data Protection Environment – II 

Module 13: Managing the Data Protection Environment 

•    Lesson 1: Introduction to Data Protection Management
•    Lesson 2: Operations Management – I  
•    Lesson 3: Operations Management –II