International Software Testing Qualifications Board Foundation


Start End Duration Location Details
January 03, 2022 January 07, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
April 04, 2022 April 08, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
July 04, 2022 July 08, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
October 03, 2022 October 07, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)

Course Details

International Software Testing Qualifications Board Foundation

Duration: 5 Days


Delegates should have basic knowledge or experience in IT. The only pre-reading recommended is the ISEB/ISTQB syllabus for this course or the ISEB Foundation book published by ISEB.

Course Description:

This course leads to the BCS (ISEB) and ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Lever Certificate in Software Testing and follows the International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB) Certified Tester Foundation Level Syllabus.

Course Objectives:

•    Understand all the essentials principle of software testing and the testing process
•    B aware of how testing is applied at different points throughout the system development life cycle using different static and test design techniques
•    Gain an understanding of test management
•    Appreciate the current state of testing plus current trends and developments, including important techniques and tools
•    Learn everything you need to pass the Foundation Certificate examination

Intended Audience:

Anyone wanting to get or involved in a software testing role    

Course Outline:

Fundamentals of testing
•    Why is testing necessary?
•    What is testing? General Testing Principles
•    Fundamental Test Process
•    The Psychology of testing

Testing throughout the software life cycle
•    Software development models
•    Test Levels
•    Test types
•    The targets of testing
•    Maintenance testing

Static Techniques
•    Reviews and the test process
•    Review process
•    Static Analysis by tools

Test design techniques
•    Identify test condition and designing test cases
•    Categories of test design techniques
•    Specification based or black-box techniques
•    Structure-based or white-box techniques
•    Configuration management 
•    Risk and Testing
•    Incident Management

Tools Support for testing
•    Types of test tools
•    Effective use of tools
•    Potential benefits and risks
•    Introducing a tool into an organization

Each section is followed by review questions and a mock examination is taken and discussed prior to the BCS(ISEB) invigilated examination

ISEB Examination
•    The exam in 1 hour multiple choice
•    Take place on the final course day
•    To pass a score of 26 or higher is required