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  • It is the responsibility of the Individual/Company Participant to ensure they meet the pre-requisites for the course enrolled. Trends Academy will not be held responsible for difficulties encountered by the Individual/Company Participant who do not possess the pre-requisite knowledge and skills.
  • To fully benefit from the course, consult with your assigned Account Manager about recommended preparatory courses.


  • A completed registration form with PO or signed conforme or proof of full payment must be sent to Trends Academy no later than 21 calendar days prior to start of class.
  • Once the above is received, Trends Academy will provide an official order confirmation email at least 14 calendar days prior to start of class.
  • Please do not make any travel arrangements before the order confirmation is received.


  • Full course fees (including exam fees if applicable) must be made no later than 5 days prior to course commencement unless credit terms apply.
  • To set up a credit term, kindly contact your assigned Account Manager for assistance.
  • Check payment should be issued to “TRENDS AND TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
  • For payments under a credit term, kindly send proof of payment within 7 calendar days of invoice issuance. Mode of payments available are cash, check, wire transfer, and online credit card payments.
  • For online credit card payments, total fees will include a Web Transaction Admin charge of 4%
  • Applicable government taxes are indicated in this proposal. In case of VAT exemption, please submit a PEZA certificate with this signed document.


  • Trends Academy reserves the right to cancel or postpone any course due to insufficient participants or unforeseen circumstances. In this event, the Individual/Company Participant will be notified through email and phone call, at least 5 working days in advance, unless in extreme emergency cases.
  • Written notice of withdrawal 14 calendar days prior to start of class is required to be entitled to a full refund of course fee or to be eligible to attend the next schedule.
  • Written notice of withdrawal less than 14 calendar days prior to start of class will incur 50% surcharge. A separate course fee will be issued to attend the next schedule
  • Cancellation and request for change of course date less than 7 days prior to start of class will be charged 100% of the course fee. Course attendee replacement is allowed.
  • Written notice of withdrawal/rescheduling 3 calendar days prior to the date of exam is required. 100% of exam fee will be charged for No-Show examinees.
  • Cancellation and request for change of facility rental dates less than 4 days prior to start of facility rental will be charged 100% of the fee.
  • In the event that any term or condition is ambiguous in the opinion of the Company, the Trends Academy Management interpretation prevails.


  • Proposals are valid for a period of 30 (Thirty days) from the date issued.


  • The customer agrees to the processing of his/her data solely for the purpose of which it is appointed to serve.


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