IT Asset Management Essentials


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IT Asset Management Essentials

Course code: AME

Duration: 3 Days

Course Description:

This 3-day certification course provides comprehensive knowledge on all the key elements needed for strong IT asset management. Students will learn the essential concepts necessary for the effective acquisition and life cycle management of hardware, software, and mobile assets.
Today’s increasingly complex business landscape can be a challenge for organizations to manage all their IT hardware and software assets. As IT departments are looking to operate at peak efficiency while minimizing waste and ensuring they remain in compliance, there is a need to understand the full picture of an IT Asset Management (ITAM) program.

Course Objectives: 

•    Demonstrate the value of IT asset management through the alignment of objectives and key measures to benefit the organization
•    Learn how to establish appropriate foundation and parameters for an effective IT Asset Management program; including scope, governance, policies and controls
•    Understand the different types and characteristics of IT assets
•    Understand the various legal, contract and regulatory compliance concerns related to acquiring, managing, and disposing IT assets
•    How to ensure cost-effective acquisition of assets through standards, justification, recovery and reuse of assets, and common organization procurement practices
•    Discover the importance of asset documentation and documentation management as critical elements for the management of individual assets and the overall IT Asset Management program    

•    Learn how to manage the lifecycle of IT assets, beginning with the structured receipt and validation of assets, asset identification, inventory and license control, through the end-of-life of the assets
•    Learn how to properly, effectively and legally dispose of IT assets at end-of-life
•    Learn how to prepare for and manage asset audits
•    Understand the roles and responsibilities for effective and proper management and use of IT assets, both within IT and the greater organization
•    Learn to effectively integrate asset management and the configuration management system, understanding the critical relationships and dependences, as well as the major differences between the two

Intended Audience:

•    IT staff working in asset management, product (lifecycle) managers, and procurement specialists
•    IT professionals who have responsibility for the procurement, receipt, lifecycle management, inventory and audit control processes, or the disposal of IT assets for their organization
•    Procurement and purchasing professionals outside of IT, who work closely with IT professionals to acquire IT assets and who want a better understanding of the unique challenges to managing IT assets
•    IT Management will benefit from this foundational understanding of IT asset management to more effectively support and enable the asset management programs in their organizations

Course Outlines:

Module 1: IT Asset Management Strategy and Vision

•    IT Asset Management Challenges
•    IT Asset Management Strategy
•    Benefits of IT Asset Management
•    IT Asset Management Program Structure    

Module 2: Parameters of IT Asset Management (Scope and constraints)

•    IT Asset Management Scope
•    IT Asset Management Standards
•    Contract, Legal and Compliance Considerations
•    IT Asset Management Policies

Module 3: IT Asset Management Practices

•    IT Asset Acquisition
•    IT Asset Lifecycle Management
•    IT Asset Documentation
•    IT Asset Disposal

Module 4: IT Asset Management Measures and Guiding Principles

•    Metrics and Measures
•    Applying ITIL Principles to the IT Asset Management   Practices 

Module 5: IT Asset and Configuration Management

•    Compare the purpose, scope, and definitions of the configuration management and IT asset management 
•    Differences between configuration management and IT asset management 
•    Identify the purpose of the IT asset configuration database

Exam and Certification:
This course prepares participants for the examination leading to the IT Asset Management Essentials certificate, granted by Professional Designations:
•    The exam is one hour in length and is a multiple-choice, closed book exam
•    A mark of 65% (26 correct answers) is required to pass the exam
•    You will receive an exam voucher for the web-based exam, to be scheduled following the course
•    Upon the successful attainment of the certification, 18 PDUs will be awarded