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Project Management Essentials


Start End Duration Location Details
January 03, 2022 January 05, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
February 02, 2022 February 04, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
March 01, 2022 March 03, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
April 04, 2022 April 06, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
May 04, 2022 May 06, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
June 01, 2022 June 03, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
July 04, 2022 July 06, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
August 01, 2022 August 03, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
September 05, 2022 September 07, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
October 03, 2022 October 05, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
November 02, 2022 November 04, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
December 05, 2022 December 07, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)

Course Details

Project Management Essentials


Course Code: PME

Duration: 3 Days


In order to derive the greatest benefit from participation in this workshop, participants should be working in a project environment or planning to do so in the near future.

Course Description:

Successfully managing a project requires effective planning and adherence to the industry's best practices in every step of the process. By understanding the fundamentals of project management, you will be better prepared to initiate a project in your organization and position it for success. In this course, you will identify effective project management practices and their related processes. Course Objectives: You will examine the elements of sound project management and apply the generally recognized practices to successfully manage projects.

Intended Audience:

This course is designed for individuals whose primary job is not project management, but who manage projects on an informal basis. Also, anyone who is considering a career path in project management and desiring a complete overview of the field and its generally accepted practices can take up this course.

Course Outline:

Day 1:

Lesson 1: The Project Management Framework

  • What is a PM Framework? 
  • What is a project? 
  • Why do we have Projects?
  • Projects VS Operations
  • What is Project Management 
  • How do we manage a Project? 
  • The Organizational Project Maturity Model 
  • The Project Lifecycle & Methodologies
  • The 47 project management processes 
  • The Organizational Project Maturity Model
  • Programs & Portfolios
  • Project Performance Baselines
  • The Theory of Constraints - Iron Triangle

Activity: The Project Framework exercise. Participants are quizzed on the salient points of the PM Framework.

Lesson 2: Start and Organize a Project 

  • Review and Analyze the Project Requirement 
  • Identify the Project Stakeholders 
  • Get Authority to Manage the Project 
  • Decide on a Project Approach

Activity: Create a project charter, and decide on a project approach based on the given case study.

Day 2:

Lesson 3: Planning for Project Scope

  • The Project Requirements 
  • How to Collect Requirements? 
  • Define Project Scope 
  • The Scope Statement 
  • he Scoping Hierarchy 
  • The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 
  • The Project Scope Baseline

Activity: Case Studies Exercise. Create a project work breakdown structure (WBS)based on the assigned case studies

Lesson 4: Planning for Project Schedule 

  • Identify Activity 
  • Activity Sequencing 
  • The Network Diagram 
  • Determine Activity Resources 
  • Estimate Activity Duration 
  • Project Critical Path Methods 
  • The Project Schedule Baseline 
  • The Project Calendar

Activity: The Critical Path Method Exercise. Participants will construct a network diagram and determine its critical path.

Lesson 5: Planning for Project Budget 

  • Cost Aggregation 
  • The Time Phased Budget 
  • Project Budget VS Project Cost Baseline

Day 3:

Lesson 6: Planning for Project Risks 

  • The Six Steps in Risk Management 
  • Tools & Techniques in Managing Risks

Lesson 7: Planning for Communication 

  • Why Manage Project Communication? 
  • The Project Communication Plan 
  • Communication Types & Methods

Lesson 8: The Project Management Plan 

  • The Project Management Plan
  • Project Planning in the Real World

Lesson 9: Execute the Project Work 

  • Acquire the Team 
  • The Project Team Organization 
  • The Project Work Authorization

Lesson 10: Monitor & Control Project Work 

  • Hold Effective Meetings 
  • The Project Status Report 
  • Planned VS Actual Project Progress 
  • The Integrated Change Control Process

Lesson 11: Closing the Project

  • Plan Close Out Activities 
  • Project Closeout Checklist 
  • The Final Report