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Lean IT Leadership


Start End Duration Location Details
March 23, 2022 March 25, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
June 27, 2022 June 29, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
September 05, 2022 September 07, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
December 05, 2022 December 07, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)

Course Details

Lean IT Leadership

Course code: Llead

Duration: 3 Days


•    A LEAN IT Foundation certificate is required for this course. 

Course Description:

Any publication on the application of Lean principles within organizations will mention the critical importance of leadership to the success of the initiative, or the lack of success if leadership is absent. That is why this certification has a prominent place in the Lean IT Association’s certification scheme. 

There are thousands of publications on Leadership, many on Leadership in IT, less on Lean leadership and very few on Lean leadership within the IT context. This course brings together published ideas on leadership, lean leadership and leadership in IT, and combines this with practical experience from Lean IT practitioners, to provide a well-rounded view of Lean leadership within IT. 

Course Objectives:

After taking this course, you should be able to:

•    Understand the concept of Lean Leadership;
•    Know the application of Lean Leadership in the IT Context;
•    Use the Lean IT Leadership development model;
•    Develop yourself towards being a Lean IT leader;
•    Help others in developing themselves as Lean IT leaders;
•    Align the Vision and Goals of your organization;
•    Understand the concept of change in a organization;
•    Understand how to take the lead in changing your organization;

Intended Audience:

•    Professionals in (IT) organizations.    

Course Outlines:

o    Introduction on leadership
o    The key elements of Lean Leadership
o    Leadership in the IT context

o    How to develop yourself
o    The concept of Shu-ha-Ri
o    The “kata” of leadership
o    Go to the Gemba—to develop yourself

o    The concept of standard work for Lean IT Leaders
o    The Gemba—as standard work
o    Aligning meetings
o    The value of creating habits

o    How to develop others
o    Go to the Gemba—to develop others
o    Performance dialogue
o    T-type leaders
o    Skills &Knowledge matrix

o    What is teamwork?
o    Effective teams
o    The value of Trust
o    Daily kaizen

o    Hoshin Kanri
o    The use of visual management
o    Cascading goals—catchball mechanism

o    Mental models
o    Leading meetings
o    Day on a life of the Lean IT Leader

o    Organizational Change
o    Lean IT transformations
o    Change: Top-down or bottom up?
o    Change Story

o    Sample Exam
o    How to prepare for the exam Check Out