HPE Container Platform Administration I


Start End Duration Location Details
March 07, 2022 March 09, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
June 01, 2022 June 03, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
July 18, 2022 July 20, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)
October 17, 2022 October 18, 2022 KDE 3.1 Virtual Classroom (GMT+08:00)

Course Details

HPE Container Platform Administration I

Course Code: HG7G2S

Duration: 3 Days


•    Unix/Linux user and administration experience  
•    Hadoop/AI/big data application administration experience (Cloudera/ Hortonworks, Jupyter Notebook, Tensorflow, etc.)  
•    Experience in machine learning life cycle (e.g. model training/development and model deployment) bash/shell/python scripting 

Course Description:

This course is designed for administrators who want to learn about the installation, upgrade, system management, network integration and other tasks to effectively administer a HPE Container Platform 5.0. Hands-on labs are included. 

Course Objectives: 

•    Understand all architecture components of the HPE Container Platform 5.0  
•    Understand all basic administration concepts of the HPE Container Platform 5.0, including installation, tenant management, user management and maintenance  
•    Understand application development to cluster handling  
•    Learn how HPE Container Platform integrates with existing IT infrastructure and integration with MapR  
•    Understand monitoring and alerting services in HPE Container Platform 

Intended Audience:

Hadoop administrators, system administrators, network administrators, IT managers

Course Outlines:


•    Introduction  
•    Learning objectives review  
•    Course schedule review 
•     HPE Container Platform architecture overview 
•    Control plane/management overview  
•    Network architecture overview  
•    Handling distributed stateful app  
•    Storage architecture overview 

HPE Container Platform Packaging— Install, Upgrade 

•    Requirement gathering and planning 
o    HPE Container Platform installation checklist  
o    HPE Container Platform sizing tool  
•    Installation/deployment  
o    Deployment + ecosystem planning  
o    Worker/gateway deployment methods  
o    App Store  
o    Virtual cluster lifecycle (including scripts)       

o    Container placement using host tags 
•    Adding host to create Kubernetes cluster
•    Airgap support 
•    License 
•    Upgrade 
o    Kubernetes cluster rolling upgrade

HPE Container Platform Multi-Tenancy

•    Multi-tenancy  
o    What is a tenant  
o    Comparison EPIC tenant and K8s tenant  
•    Tenant management  
o    Kubernetes: Creating tenant 
o    Kubernetes: Tenant and namespace  
o    HPE Container Platform agent operator: Tenant management

HPE Container Platform User Role 

•    User roles  
o    Role and corresponding view  
o    Navigating to different roles 
•    User authentication  
o    HPE Container Platform management login  
o    User authentication into HPE Container Platform with 3 different methods  
o    Exercise: Tenant group membership 
•    RBAC: Role binding (authorization)  
o    HPE Container Platform five users roles  
o    HPE Container Platform role is mapped to K8s role (RBAC)
•    Session management  
o    User authenticated sessions 

HPE Container Platform Storage 

•    Overall storage architecture  
•    Ephemeral storage  
•    Tenant share  
•    HDFS
o    DataTap  
•    Application persistent storage  
o    Container migration  
•    FS mount/DTap management 
•    MapR management 

MapR Integration

•    MapR terminology  
•    MapR services  
•    HPE Container Platform and MapR integration 
•    MapR Control System (MCS)  
•    MapR user accounts  
•    MapR management  
•    DataTap/MapR improvements 

HPE Container Platform Application 

•    Complex stateful application deployment 
o    App Store  
o    Kubernetes application management 
•    Anatomy of Kubedirector application 
•    Application lifecycle  
o    Deploy application  
o    Deployment vs statefulset start, stop, scale virtual cluster  
•    Kubedirector operator

HPE Container Platform Monitoring and Alerting 

•    Kubernetes cluster service monitoring 
•    Dashboard monitoring  
•    Usage monitoring 
•    Monitoring architecture  
•    HPE Container Platform usage monitoring tools  
•    Kibana: UI visualization  
•    Collecting container node storage usage  
•    Elasticsearch monitoring logs 
•    Elasticsearch common tasks  
•    Best practice  
•    SNMP alerts and SMTP notification  
•    From planning to production to optimization—Big-Data-asa-Service lifecycle 
•    Create and secure environments 
•    Monitor, manage and optimize  
•    Optimize memory usage 

HPE Container Platform Technical Overview 

•    Control plane/management overview  
•    Network architecture overview  
•    Handling distributed stateful app (App Store and deployment)  
•    Container application services  
•    Storage architecture overview  
•    Ephemeral and persistent disks  
•    Application persistent storage  
•    Rest API 

HPE Container Platform Network 

•    Overall network architecture  
•    Linux virtual networking  
•    Docker networking  
•    HPE Container Platform gateway 
•    Gateway Load balancer  
•    Case study: HPE Container Platform gateway 
•    Gateway configuration scenarios  
•    Kubernetes core DNS 
•    EPIC: DNS for containers  
•    Container network 
•    Kubernetes network
•    Virtualized networking 
•    Networking in multi-tenant environment