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SnapCenter Administration


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Course Details

SnapCenter Administration

Course code: SCADMIN

Duration: 3 Days


SnapCenter Fundamentals WBT 

Course Description:

This course covers the deployment of the SnapCenter Software 4.0 release. In this course you learn how to install, monitor, and manage SnapCenter Server and SnapCenter Plug-ins. You learn how to install licenses, configure role-based access control (RBAC), and install the SnapCenter Plug-ins for Windows, Linux, and Oracle. You learn how to prepare hosts and connect to the NetApp ONTAP storage system. You also learn how to back up and restore Windows file system data and configure SnapMirror and SnapVault relationships for use with SnapCenter software. The course materials include a guide for hands-on exercises that you perform in a lab setting. 

Course Objectives: 

•    Explain the benefits and relationships between the various components of the SnapCenter solution
•    Understand the methods to install the SnapCenter server software
•    Perform SnapCenter configuration of role-based access control, installation of licenses and connections to Storage Virtual Machines
•    Configure hosts and SnapCenter server Plug-in packages
•    Prepare data protection relationships for SnapCenter
•    Perform backup and restore of Windows data
•    Understand monitoring and managing capabilities of the SnapCenter server
Intended Audience:

•    NetApp and NetApp Partner Professional Services
•    Systems Engineers
•    NetApp Customers
Course Outlines:

Module 1: SnapCenter Software Review
•    Introduction to the SnapCenter Suite
o    Server architecture
o    Plug-in Packages
o    licensing
o    Management Interfaces
o    Integration with ONTAP features

Module 2: SnapCenter Server Deployment
•    Server Installation Workflow
•    Server Requirements
•    Additional Installation Options

Module 3: SnapCenter Server Configuration
•    License Management
•    Server Connections to the Storage System
•    Server RBAC

Module 4: Preparing Hosts for SnapCenter
•    Add Hosts to the SnapCenter Server
•    Installing Plug-in Packages

Module 5: Assigning NetApp Storage to Windows Hosts
•    Configuring LUN storage on Windows
•    Windows Disk Management
•    Working with SMB Shares

Module 6: Preparing Data Protection Relationships for SnapCenter
•    Data protection relationships with SnapCenter
•    Preparing the storage systems for replication

Module 7: Data Backup and Restore
•    Backup of Windows file systems
•    Restore of Windows file systems
•    Cloning Windows file system backups

Module 8: Monitoring and Managing with the SnapCenter server
•    Managing the SnapCenter Repository
•    Monitoring Activities
•    Understanding SnapCenter Reporting Features