Change Management (non-cert)


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Course Details

Change Management (non-cert)

Duration: 3 Days/4 Hrs per session

Course Code: RCM

Course Description:

This session on change management is designed to help organizations and their people manage the effects of change and provide concepts and techniques to effectively plan and implement successful transformation initiatives. Through a Capstone Project, the participant takes on a journey on how change is cascaded throughout the context, alongside knowledge, theories and techniques to equip them in and beyond the session.

Course Objective:

Professionals trained at this program will be able to:

•    Understand how individuals are impacted by change and be able to develop strategies to help people through change
•    Develop insights into how organizations work, organizational culture and the models and processes of change
•    Understand the drivers of change, the change governance structures typically used in organizations and how to define a change vision
•    Appreciate how to prepare people for change and support their learning and motivation to change
•    Learn about the stakeholder engagement process and how to develop suitable communications strategies and plans
•    Appreciate the impact of change on organizations, how to build momentum for change and sustain it
•    Understand the importance of defined change roles, and how to build and support an effective change team

Course Outline:

• Orientation

• The context of risk
o Why understanding and managing risks are important for the current context?
o The many and simplified definitions of risk
o The principles of risk management- what makes an effective and efficient risk management practice within the enterprise?

• A change management perspective
o Why change management matters
o Change and the individual
o Change and the organization
o Key roles in organizing change
o Organizational culture and change
o Emergent Change

• Defining change
o Aligning change with strategy
o Drivers of change
o Developing a vision
o Definitions of Change

• Managing benefits: Ensuring change delivers value
o Benefits management: principles and processes
o Benefits identification, mapping and analysis
o Planning benefits realization
o Supporting Benefits Realization

• Stakeholder strategy
o Identifying and segmenting stakeholders
o Stakeholder mapping and strategy
o Managing relationships and mobilizing stakeholders

• Communication and engagement
o Theory of Effective communicating
o Communicating change
o Communication channels
o Communication planning
o Monitoring and evaluating communication effectiveness

• Change Impact
o Assessing the impact of change
o Assessing and managing the risks of change
o Business continuity and contingency during change

• Change readiness, planning and measurement
o Building individual motivation to change
o Building organizational readiness for change
o Preparing for resistance
o Measuring change effectiveness