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LSS Green Belt


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Course Details


Course code: LSSGreen

Duration: 33 hours | 6 days

Intended Audience:

•    Business owners
•    CEO/Presidents
•    Managing Directors
•    GMs
•    Senior Level Leaders
•    Managers
•    Supervisors
•    and those practicing continuous improvement within their organizations

Course Outlines:

o    Six Sigma Certification
o    What is Six Sigma
o    History of Six Sigma
o    Six Sigma Methodologies
o    Six Sigma Roles & Responsibilities

o    Purpose of Define Phase
o    Elements of a Project Charter
o    Communication Plan
o    SIPOC Diagram
o    Voice of the Customer
o    Kano Analysis 

o    VOC to CTQ
o    Performance Standars
o    Types of Data
o    Review of Descriptive Statistics
o    Overview of Sampling
o    Data Collection Plan 

o    Sigma Score (Process Capability)
o    Brainstorming and Organizing
o    Potential Causes
o    Lean
o    Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
o    Fish bone Diagram
o    Histogram
o    Dot Plots
o    Pareto Chart
o    Control Chart
o    Overview of Hypothesis Testing 

o    Evaluating Solution Ideas
o    Prioritization Matrix
o    Action Items Worksheet
o    Pilot Plans and Solutions
o    Tools for Displaying Results

o    Importance of Control Phase
o    Monitoring Process
o    Control Charts
o    FMEA
o    Standardization and Kaizen
o    Handover-Ownership

•    SOFT SKILLS (Integrated in the Program)
o    Design Sprint Innovation
o    Methodology by Google
o    Diverge-Converge
o    Facilitating Discussions
o    Facilitating Decision Making
o    Project Presentations
o    Group Dynamics
o    Intervention
o    Understanding Conflicts

o    The Six Sigma Circuit™ tools
o    Facilitating the Six Sigma Circuit™
o    Project Planning
o    Project Consultation
o    Next steps