RCPE Professional: Enterprise WAN Optimization


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Course Details

RCPE Professional: Enterprise WAN Optimization

Course code: RCPE-P-EOPT

Duration: 5 Days

Course Description:

The primary objective of the RCPE Professional Level course in Enterprise WAN Optimization is to teach IT professionals how to increase application performance in large scale, consolidated environments. Use cases for implementation of optimization architectures and how WAN solutions can enhance digital performance will be reviewed. This course will culminate with a comprehensive practical implementation of an enterprise scale optimized solution. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to greatly improve traffic throughput and therefore enhance the user experience in a highly converged environment.  

Course Objectives:

After taking this course, you should be able to:

•    Describe the challenges experienced by hybrid enterprises and how WAN optimization can help
•    Deploy optimization in complex environments
•    Redirect traffic to SteelHeads Out-of-Path
•    Implement Web Cache Control Protocol V2
•    Cluster SteelHeads using Interceptors
•    Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each deployment option
•    Optimize home-based or mobile workers
•    Optimize cloud-based applications
•    Deploy virtual SteelHead solutions
•    Secure and harden your SteelHeads
•    Increase performance using TCP enhancements
•    Compile topologies to enable network services
•    Manipulate traffic using QoS to manage congestion
•    Enhance application performance using path selection
•    Encrypt traffic using Secure Transport    

Intended Audience:

•    WAN Optimization solutions
•    SteelHead Interceptor
•    SteelHead CX
•    SteelHead GX
•    SteelHead-v
•    SteelHead SaaS
•    SteelHead Cloud
•    SteelCentral Controller
•    SteelCentral Controller for SteelHead Mobile

Course Outlines:

•    Plan
o    Review Optimization Principles
o    Deploy Optimization in Complex Environments
o    Redirect Traffic to SteelHeads Out-of-Path
o    Implement Web Cache Control Protocol V2
o    Cluster SteelHeads Using Interceptors
o    Analyze the Advantages and Disadvantages of each Deployment Option

•    Build
o    Optimize Home-based or Mobile Workers
o    Optimize Cloud-based Applications
o    Deploy Virtual SteelHead Solutions
o    Secure and Harden your SteelHeads 
•    Optimize
o    Increase Performance Using TCP Enhancements
o    Compile Topologies to Enable Network Services
o    Manipulate Traffic using QoS to Manage Congestion
o    Enhance Application Performance Using Path Selection
o    Encrypt Traffic Using Secure Transport